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Beautiful Minds Autism Testing

At Beautiful Minds Autism Testing (BMAT) LLC, we know the difficulties that come along the way when seeking Autism assessments for oneself or loved ones. It’s like embarking on an emotional journey with no support. It is tough. And we know how challenging it can get!

Our compassionate team of professionals recognizes the significance of early diagnosis and intervention. This is why we are dedicated to providing supportive, accurate, and timely testing services to relieve your anxiety related to testing.

Our Autism assessments, specifically the ADOS-2 and the CARS-2, are scheduled right away, and an in-depth report along with personalized recommendations are shared within a reasonable timeframe.

Our Core of Creation:

Founded with empathy and sensitivity at our core, BMAT strives to create an environment of understanding, respect, and support for children and adults navigating the complexities of autism assessments.

Our team is committed to offering the “Gold Standard” of Autism Assessments, ensuring each individual receives the most comprehensive evaluation possible.

With your proper consent, we share assessment results with referring practitioners to help them develop personalized solutions that the individual needs to address the issue.

We Are One Community!

At BMAT, we’re not just a testing facility; we’re a community of empathetic professionals who are genuinely invested in an individual’s well-being.

We’re here to listen, to understand, and to provide the support you need during this important phase of your journey.

Together, we can create brighter futures for individuals with autism, unlocking their potential and nurturing their growth in a world that celebrates their unique qualities.

Parent/Client Feedback


These reviews aim to show that the team at Beautiful Minds Autism Testing is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing individualized solutions and support to families in need of autism testing.

Beautiful Minds Autism Testing made what could have been a difficult and overwhelming process much easier. Their team was kind, patient, and knowledgeable, and they made sure our child was comfortable during the assessment. We are grateful for their support and accurate results.

We were very nervous about getting our child assessed for autism, but the team at Beautiful Minds made us feel at ease. They took their time with us and provided individualized solutions that helped us better understand our child's needs. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of autism testing.

Our experience with Beautiful Minds Autism Testing was truly exceptional. Their assessments were thorough and provided us with the answers and guidance we needed to help our child. We are so grateful for their help and support.


General Question

ADOS-2 is a standardized assessment tool that is used to diagnose autism spectrum disorder. It helps to determine the severity of symptoms and provides a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's behavior, communication, and social interaction.