Our Service

Beautiful Minds Autism Testing

Exceptional Services for Autism Testing and Intervention

Our goal is to provide prompt and efficient services to ensure that individuals and families receive the support they need without delay.

Our in-depth evaluations consider each individual’s behavior, development, and medical history, providing a thorough understanding of their needs.

Collaboration with Physicians and Clinicians

We have the necessary qualifications, training, and experience working with individuals with special needs.

With proper consent, we share the assessment results with referring practitioners, aiming to help them provide tailored solutions that consider the unique needs and strengths of each child.

On A Heartfelt Mission to Address the Needs for Accurate Autism Assessments

At Beautiful Minds Autism Testing, we strive to provide individuals and families with the assessments they need in a timely manner.  

We utilize the “Gold Standard” of Autism Assessments to ensure thorough observation and examination for both children and adults. Our compassionate services include the following:

ADOS-2 Testing

Recognized as the gold standard in autism assessments, ADOS-2 is a comprehensive evaluation that assists in diagnosing autism and determining the severity of symptoms.

Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS-2):

The CARS-2 is a standardized rating scale designed to assess the severity of autism symptoms in children and is often used in conjunction with the ADOS-2.


General Question

ADOS-2 is a standardized assessment tool that is used to diagnose autism spectrum disorder. It helps to determine the severity of symptoms and provides a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's behavior, communication, and social interaction.