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Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS-2):

Jennifer Smith

Using Valuable Tools to Bring You the Results

Providing a caring and supportive environment for families seeking assessments for their children and loved ones.

The CARS-2 is a standardized rating scale designed to assess the severity of autism symptoms in children, providing crucial insights for practitioners, parents, and caregivers.

Our gentle approach to CARS-2 testing is grounded in empathy and understanding, ensuring that children and their families feel comfortable and supported throughout the process.

During the CARS-2 assessment, our experienced professionals study the following:

  • Child’s behavior
  • Communication style
  • Social interaction
  • Aggression level
  • And more…

We understand that every child is different, and we take great care to tailor our approach to each individual’s specific requirements, ensuring that the testing process is as comfortable and stress-free as possible



With proper consent, we share the results of the CARS-2 assessment with referring practitioners, helping them develop personalized intervention strategies that celebrate the unique strengths and needs of each child.